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Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Shocking Truth for Education

When I read the article for our Fourth Activity which is all about a student who bid her virginity for her tuition fee, I realized how Education receives importance from the students. But to think of Education as man's greatest equalizer, one will do anything just to have a diploma after everything. Likewise, some will even work just to finish his/her studies but to loose your virginity for a pay is a stupid thing to do in addition that it is another term for prostitution.

The effect of loosing your pride is another word to describe but to offer your purity for money is unmerciful by the law of God and Human Rights. Even you finished your studies in that status, and then you receive your award, certificates and diploma is nothing compared when you loose your pride, integrity and respect when you let somebody buy your innocence.

That article is truly alarming for our youth since it may be followed as a step to gain money for their education needs. This is a challenge for our Government Officers. Where is the worldwide effort of the United Nation's EFA 15 (Education for All 2015) which gives an opportunity to help less fortunate youth to finish their studies for free with the coordination of the ALS Program (Alternative Leaning System). Does it really exist? I hope that this call may touch the hearts of our Leaders to stop this kind of immoral act.


Donna Dionio said...

Yes, your right. Hope our leaders would make their move now!

Alma Cafe said...

well said! nice post.

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