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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cave Pearls of Dapitan

From Dapitan, our National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal wrote his poems and letters for our country illustrating how beautiful our country is. That's why he addresses his nation Philippines as the "Perlas ng Silanganan" or Pearl of the East. When
I researched about pearls in our country, my outlook for his words is particularly located in Dapitan where he temporarily lived their in four years as ordered by the Spanish invaders in his time. Then I ask if why is it he call Philippines as the Pearl of the East. Is it the view of Dapitan or the Pearls located in the said place?
This is a mystery thus Detective Perry is on the way to investigate.

According to some adventurers located in Dapitan, there is a precious pearl they admired most that could be found in a virgin cave of Dapitan. I wonder if how it forms such that commonly, pearls are mostly getting in giant clam. Thus, it is stated that cave pearls is a type of speleothem, a concretion of calcium salts which forms in limestone caves. But cave pearls are white, why is it black in Dapitan? Well in order to satisfy others, a T.V. program searched for the Cave Pearls in Dapitan and successfully they found some but it is prohibited to get the Cave Pearls because it is a preserve pearl protected by the Local Government of Dapitan. So it is still a mystery how the cave pearls from Dapitan are black.

A Mystery is revealed by the "World of Mystery". Case Closed! 


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