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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Steps on Changing Blog Layout

Step 1: Sign In to your account.
Step 2: Click Layout
Step 3: Click Edit HTML
Step 4: Click Download Full Template to ensure a good flow of changing your
Step 5: A window will open then click Save and OK afterward.
Step 6: Do not close blogger yet, find a good layout that is suitable with your
           blog. (
Step 7: After downloading the template you want to change, right click on it
           and click Open With then click   Notepad.
Step 8: Then copy the whole HTML code of the said layout.
Step 9: Return to your blogger account that you left and replace the HTML code
           of your past layout with the HTML code of your new layout.
Step 10: Then, click Save Template.
Step 11: The Blogger will ask you a question if you want to have your old
             widgets to your new layout. Just click  Keep Widget if you want to
             have those widgets or Delete Widget if you don't.
Step 12: After that, click View Blog and enjoy your new layout.


eva said...

hi! how about for the wordpress?


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