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Friday, January 15, 2010

A Sample of Essay

Why life is so cruel?” This question asked me as I faced the world with poverty and irregularities around me. Is the situation of every individual is a choice or a destiny?

My Father is a driver but he stopped driving because of his health condition so my mother was force to work by selling snacks and candies around our community to support our financial needs. Two of my sisters continued their studies in college as working students. Certainly my mother cannot afford to support my school finances so I choose to work at nights in a computer shop and vend our products at weekends headed for my education. Our youngest brother is the only one financially supported by my mother.

But even in my situation, my spirit keeps the fire burning to achieve my ambitions for my family and my country thus; I was a consistent first honor in my high school years including the two quarters in fourth year. Also with my situation, I was trained to be disciplined and courageous with my works that encourage me to lead my constituents being their Supreme Student Government President and elected at the Division up to the Region as an Officer of the highest student governing body. I was also voted as National leader being the National Student Technologists and Entrepreneurs of the Philippines Board of Director because of my dedication to public service. Furthermore, because of my deeds I was recognized by our town of being a youth leader and an advocate for our environment hence, giving me the opportunity to attend series of nationwide events for free to represent our town. Such, in return, I shared the knowledge from what I’ve obtained by conducting symposiums and workshop to my fellow youth in our town. Also with the help of our Sanguniang Kabataan, I, as part of the youth sector, is the once implementer of having numerous tree planting activities around the town.

All of those achievements made possible because of God and my Family that serves as my inspiration. Our present situation makes me feel stronger to fight poverty. Thus, it also gives me the answer that life is not cruel, because the situation of every entity depends on their choice to reach that destiny.


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