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Friday, January 15, 2010

Example of a "Letter to the Editor"

Dear Editor,

As one of the students here in our school, I am very disappointed in every time I see my schoolmates violates the rules and regulations here in our campus.

Such as not wearing complete uniform that most students prefer to wear rubber shoes instead of black shoes, in fact some also love to wear slippers. On the other side there are still numbers of students who were trapped at the gate because of coming to school so late.

Well, isn’t it right for school administration and organization to ignore it?

I hope you will understand me and satisfy me with your answer. Thank you.

Concerned One

Dear concerned one,

Well, you’re right, those things definitely disappoints students who are aware on it, but if you students are affected on it, how much more the school administration and organization?

Actually there are a lot of policies that had been imposing to the students. A joint power of the Guidance Counselor, Dean of Discipline, Teachers, School Guard and Supreme Student Government (SSG) strive hard to fight for it. If they failed to obey it, discipline always waits ahead.

It will never be a punishment but it’s a sort of discipline, that as student, it’s our accountability to follow what ever be the rules here in our school. Anyway all those things are for our own good.



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