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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Lesson from Anime

I am a great fan of Naruto Manga series. Some of my friends call me weird because
of following the episodes of this anime series. They don't know the true reason
why I love this anime. Actually, this is a mystery thus; Detective Perry is on the
way to investigate.

When I saw several manga series, I've notice that most of the story ends with a
powerful hero that is legendary killing his enemies on that place. But in this series,
you could actually relate to the present issues in our country. Naruto is a story of
a boy that aims peace in the world even in his uniqueness. It also elaborates the
true essence of friendship and love. This story shows many conflicts that are true
in the real world like in every mistake, there are consequences that follow and the
gift of freedom is yours by right.

A mystery is revealed to the "World of Mystery". Case Closed!


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