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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Welcome to a New Life

Every man's dream is to become a professional someday. But before upgrading to be a professional citizen, you must be a graduate in the stages of primary, secondary and tertiary education. Now as I finished my course in secondary education, my long wait is over after 5 yrs from now.

Honestly, I am nervous to face the life of being a college student because it is almost 100% different from high school life. You know what, until now I don’t know where I am supposed to continue my studies because of financial factors as well as quality education. But I have already chosen my course which is accountancy. Well in some facts that my relatives’ opinion is also good, I noticed that there are schools which are better but far and schools that are excellent but we can't afford.

Well, my decision will become final after this coming week since our Mayor had already signed the contract that is choosing me as their town scholar. I will just wait for the approval of the Commission on Higher Education.


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