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Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Hard Time to Talk

Last week at February 10, 2010, I was first tasked to report for our physics class about transformers using the integration of ICT by blogging. It was then a restless day for my voice because it is also our presentation for our English subject and leading my constituents in Fancy Drill Platoon as their Platoon Leader. A day passed by after those hard times, again practicing for the C.A.T (Civilian Army Training) and reporting again for the 3 subjects consecutively for the past 2 days ensures me that there is something wrong with my throat. At my practice this day, Saturday, February 13, 2010 with the Fancy Drill Platoon. As I shout Humanay (fall in) I tasted a blood from my mouth which I don't know where it comes. Then as we went to the field I feel uncomfortable and my focused for our practice was gone and I am totally concern about my throat which was so painful. At the end of our practice, I asked my sister (She is studying in Nursing Institute) if what this is all about. She was so alarmed and said that I must stop talking for a day and avoid drinking cold water. I asked "why?" She said that my throat was bleeding because of a non stop using of my vocal chords. 
This is a lesson for me to take care for my voice and avoid abusing my voice. Hahay!!! This is hard if the class starts again. Wish me Luck!!!


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