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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Black Nazarene

I love to be updated with the news everyday. I'm watching television, reading newspapers or even listening to the radio just to seek information about news. But today January 8, 2010 I was amazed because most of the news tackles about the Quiapo Feast and its highlight is all about the Black Nazarene. I notice that many people give their own meaning about the Black Nazarene. I asked my parents if what is this all about, "Why is it black?" and "Is the rumors about the Nazarene is true or not?" but they only replied with a word "Mystery". Thus Detective Perry is on the way to investigate. According to the researches, they have two theories. The first theory says that it is black because of its wood that is naturally black and the second theory states that the Black Nazarene came from a boat that caught fire, turning it from its original white into black or charred complexion. That's why; people give its faith to the Black Nazarene as miraculous as it survived the fire accident. There are also rumors that as you touch the Black Nazarene you will be lucky and happy within the years.
A mystery has been revealed by the "World of Mystery". Case Closed!


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